At Slinkert ApS, we are aware that flexibility and efficiency in the supply chain provide the best possible results. We have developed an optimization strategy based on a detailed knowledge of the company's existing circumstances, your success criteria and your strategy for the future.
A solution that has equal focus on the detail and the whole, and combined with the given theories, it results in best practices that work for both the current and future needs.

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Optimisation strategy

The strategy is based on transparency, innovation and high professionalism. Through innovative thinking, the existing conditions are challenged, and in cooperation with you, a competitive logistics solution, based on a precise analytical approach and broad practical industry experience, is created.

» Based on detailed knowledge of the company's existing conditions and success criteria. (Knowledge of customer)

» Building on high professionalism, transparency and innovation (Competent)

» Competitive solutions are found in close collaboration with the customer through innovative thinking that challenges the existing conditions. (Development)
» Analysis and creation of new processes based on theory and great practical industry experience = Best Practice (Best Practice)

» Staff as an important focal point in the process. They lead the optimization strategies into the everyday life and make them work. (implementation and change management)


Our vision at Slinkert ApS is to be your preferred partner, when you are looking for a new and thorough review of your business as well as optimization of your supply chain that can be easily implemented in your existing business structure.


The mission at Slinkert ApS is clear. We want to improve your business by making serious and thorough optimization work within your supply chain. We live up to our mission; "Improving your business" by advising and making improvements that can be measured and identified immediately on the bottom line.